🧩 X-Merge

X-Merge is a powerful AI tool to optimize and increase Document Processing tasks accuracy.

With X-Merge, you can pick the best-suited AI provider for each section of your document to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy. X-Merge allows you to combine providers' responses for Invoice parser, Receipt parser, OCR, Identity Parser, Bank check Parser, Data extraction.

Project creation

We start first by creating a new project, and this, by specifying a project name. The project name must be unique for each project creation. Users can have multiple X-Merge projects. Then choose the subfeature of your project (between OCR, Data Extraction, Invoice parser, Receipt parser, Resume parser, Bank check parser, Identity parser).

Once the project is created, users can start to choose the best-suited AI provider for each field.

The first field for "extracted_data" allows you to choose your default provider for all fields, then you can choose another specific provider for each field. Once you configured all the fields, do not forget to click on "Save configuration".

At the right of the page, you have the code snippet available to integrate your X-Merge project with the Eden AI API. You can also test your combination with a sample.

You will get your combined response and the price associated to the request.

What’s Next