Private URL

The Private URL feature in Eden AI allows users to upload files via private URLs directly into Eden AI APIs. This functionality is essential for handling sensitive or private data that cannot be shared through public URLs. It ensures secure and direct integration of files into various Eden AI services. Eden AI offers you a static IP for file URLs upload.

Getting Started

Before using the Private URL feature, ensure you have the necessary permissions and access to the file stored at the private URL. The file should be accessible over the internet and should not require additional authentication for access.

Step 1: Generate a Private URL

  1. Host Your File: Ensure your file is hosted on a server or cloud storage service that allows you to generate direct URLs to the file.
  2. Create a Private URL: Generate a direct link to your file. The URL should point directly to the file and not a hosting page.
  3. Add our static IP to your Firewall whitelist: allows the Eden AI static IP on your Firewall.

Step 2: Using the Private URL with Eden AI APIs

  1. API Request: In your API request to Eden AI, use the private URL as the file input.
  2. Data Security: Ensure that the URL is used in a secure environment to maintain data privacy.


  1. Security: Allows the use of private and secure URLs, ensuring data sensitivity is maintained.
  2. Flexibility: Accepts various file formats depending on the specific API requirements.
    Ease of Use: Simplifies the process of integrating private or sensitive files into Eden AI’s APIs.
    Use Cases
  3. Confidential Documents: Ideal for processing private documents that cannot be exposed publicly.
    Personal Data Handling: Useful for handling personal data files in compliance with data protection regulations.
    Secure Business Processes: Enables businesses to use Eden AI’s services with internal or confidential data.

Best Practices

  1. URL Accessibility: Ensure the URL is accessible at the time of the API requestFile
  2. Permissions: Set appropriate permissions on the file to allow access via the URL.
  3. Data Compliance: Adhere to data privacy laws and regulations applicable to your use case.

The Private URL feature in Eden AI provides a secure and efficient way to integrate private files into Eden AI’s APIs. By following the guidelines provided, users can ensure their sensitive data is handled securely while taking advantage of Eden AI’s powerful services.