Advanced Compliance

This feature is designed for businesses who are conscious about the geographical location of their data processing and storage due to privacy laws, regulatory compliance, or personal preferences.

As a Premium Eden AI customer, you can monitore the region of each API and provider you use on Eden AI. This setting is available on the API Setting page:

Key Aspects of Eden AI's Advanced Compliance:

Regional Hosting Selection: Users have the ability to select the specific region or country where each of their chosen AI service providers will be hosted. This flexibility ensures that the data processing aligns with local regulations or personal data handling preferences.

Compliance with Local Regulations: By allowing users to select hosting regions, Eden AI facilitates compliance with local data protection laws such as GDPR in Europe, SOC2 in the US, or other national data privacy regulations. This is crucial for businesses that operate in multiple jurisdictions and need to adhere to varying legal requirements.

Customization for Different Providers: The feature is not a one-size-fits-all; users can select different hosting regions for different AI service providers. This means that if a user employs multiple services through Eden AI, each can be hosted in a different region based on the user’s preference or requirement.

Reduction in Latency: By hosting services in regions closer to the user's operational base, this feature can also potentially reduce latency, leading to faster data processing and an overall smoother user experience.

Transparency and Control: Users have complete transparency over where their data is being processed and stored, providing a greater sense of control and peace of mind regarding data handling practices.