Simplify the authentication within your company to manage password policy as well as security rules.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) is a security that allows users to access multiple applications or services using a single set of credentials.

Simplified Access: SSO enables users to log in to Eden AI and all associated services with a single password. This means that once users are authenticated into their organization's primary system, they can access Eden AI without needing to log in again separately.

Improved Security: SSO reduces the risk of password fatigue (the tendency to use weak or repeated passwords due to the requirement to remember numerous different ones) and minimizes the likelihood of phishing attacks.

Centralized User Management: For administrators, SSO simplifies user management. They can manage access rights and credentials from a single, central location. This centralized control is crucial for maintaining security protocols and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive AI tools and data.

Integration with Identity Providers (IdPs): Eden AI's SSO feature integrates with various popular Identity Providers (IdPs) like Okta, Clouflare, Azure AD, and Google Workspace. This integration means that organizations can use their existing IdP to manage access to Eden AI.

Compliance and Audit Trails: SSO helps in maintaining compliance with various data protection and privacy regulations. It provides an audit trail of user accesses and activities across different services, which is essential for security audits and compliance reporting.

In summary, the Eden AI SSO offers a balance of convenience and security, facilitating smooth and secure access to multiple AI tools and services while enhancing overall efficiency and compliance.