What is Caching?

Caching for API calls is a mechanism used to temporarily store the response of an API request for future use. It involves saving the response data, along with relevant metadata, in a cache (a temporary storage area) and retrieving it when the same request is made again.

The purpose of caching API calls is to improve performance and reduce the load on the API server. When a client makes a request to an API endpoint, the server processes the request, retrieves the data, and sends it back in the response. By caching the response, subsequent identical requests can be served directly from the cache instead of going through the entire process again. This can significantly reduce the response time and server load, leading to faster and more efficient API interactions.

How Caching works on Eden AI?

When you use Eden AI APIs, all your request parameters constitute a caching ID. Responses of the API calls are stored for 5 minutes.

When a user makes a request that has already been made few minutes or seconds ago, Eden AI gets the response in cache and send it directly to the user. The user won't pay for the call and will get the response much faster.