Eden AI Portal allows you to create pipelines in order to connect multiple AI engines in your data workflows.

Eden AI's workflow tool enables users to construct sophisticated and holistic AI pipelines that harmoniously merge multiple AI technologies.

Key Features:

Complex AI Pipelines: With Eden AI, you're not just stringing tasks; you're creating a symphony of AI operations. Integrate various AI technologies to build a pipeline that addresses complex challenges and delivers nuanced solutions.

Real-time Monitoring: Every step of your AI pipeline is under your purview. Track the progression, review intermediate results, and ensure that every stage aligns with your desired outcomes.

Provider & Model Selection: The choice is truly in your hands. Whether you have a preferred AI provider or a specific model in mind, Eden AI's workflow lets you integrate them seamlessly, ensuring your pipeline is powered by the best in the business.

Data Source Integration via Plugins: Your data is the lifeblood of your AI operations. Eden AI understands this, offering plugins that let you effortlessly connect your own data sources. This ensures that your AI pipeline always has a direct feed of the most relevant and updated data.

Eden AI Workflow allows you to chain all these processes, being able to choose the optimal provider for each step. Everything will be concentrated in a single request carrying out all the treatments on your data with an optimization of the costs and the performances.

Ultimate workflows

You can access to pre-built workflows, created by Eden AI team. These workflows allow users to harness the power of AI using their own data, offering a tailored, unified experience while benefiting from diverse AI models and fields.