Eden AI Docs
Eden AI Portal allows you to create pipelines in order to connect multiple AI engines in your data workflows.
In the left menu, you can click on pipeline menu. You will then be able de build your custom AI pipeline:
You can now select the first AI job you need for your data workflow. You can choose between OCR, Speech-to-Text, Automatic translation. You will then need to choose the provider you want to use and other parameters relative to the AI feature (ex: languages):
Once you have set up the pipeline's first step, you can set up the second one (then the third one). The process is the same for each step: choose feature, choose provider, choose parameters:
Once your pipeline is created, you can scroll down. Then you just need to click on Refresh snippet button to get the Python code associated to your pipeline. You can just copy paste this code in you project and enter your API token.
Moreover, you can live test your pipeline by browsing a file. You will get in response the whole results leading to the final one:
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